Uran beach

Uran is part of the Navi Mumbai city township lying in Raigad district near Panvel. It is known as a fishing village.

Some of the well known temples and tourist attractions are:

1. Dronagiri temple - Karanja - Ekvira goddess.

2. Ratneshwari temple - Jaskhar - Ratneshwari goddess.

3. Vinayak temple - Vinayak locality - Lord Ganesh.

4. Mankeshwar temple - Mankeshwar locality - Lord Shiva.

5. Shri Dutta Mandir - Devulwadi - Lord Dutta Guru

6. Saibaba temple - Mora village - Shri Sai Baba.

7. Ragobha Mandir-Kotnaka Village-It is Located in kotnaka village,on the route of Uran- Panvel Highway


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